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Why I vaccinate: Rose Jensen

June 15, 2021

NCH has vaccinated thousands of people at our Vaccine Clinic on Salt Creek Lane in Arlington Heights and we also provide vaccines at our Intermediate Care Centers throughout the area. NCH Occupational Health team has partnered with our Community Health Nurses and taken vaccines to large employers in the region to meet people where they work.

In continuation of our series of vaccine testimonials, we introduce you to Community Health Nurse, Rose Jensen. Rose is bi-lingual and dedicated to providing healthcare to the underserved.

If you have already been vaccinated, whether at NCH or another healthcare provider, we thank you! If you are still considering your decision, we hope you will take your time to be fully educated to make the best decision for you.

Rose Jensen, (right) at a Palatine High School vaccine clinic with community health worker, Violeta Solano.
  • Name: Rose Jensen, MSM, MSN, R.N.    
  • Title: Community Health Nurse
  • Current hometown: Hoffman Estates
  • Why I got vaccinated:  As a community nurse and educator, I come in contact with people of all ages, and many are dealing with chronic illnesses. I got vaccinated to protect my patients, my family and my community.

For more information about COVID-19 vaccinations at NCH, visit this page.