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High School Program

We welcome high school student volunteers at NCH. Whether you’re volunteering for a school requirement or just want to get some experience, volunteering at NCH is a great opportunity for students to gain insight into a hospital setting. Most of our high school students help in areas such as information desks, physical therapy and nursing floor support.

Basic Requirements
  • Must be at least 16 years of age or older.
  • Must volunteer a minimum of four hours per week.
  • Volunteer a minimum of 50 hours, which is approximately 3–4 months.
  • All positions require students to be professional and mature, able to work with other volunteers and staff and provide great customer service.
Application Timeline

If you are selected to be a volunteer after the interview, it takes on average 4–6 weeks to complete all necessary requirements before your first day.

Steps to Volunteering

The high school volunteer application consists of seven parts: application, medical release form, medical emergency treatment authorization form, background check authorization form (for those under 18), program guidelines form, confidentiality statement and volunteer reference form. All parts must be submitted in order for your application to be reviewed.

Download High School Volunteer Application Here

If you are interested in only volunteering during the summer break, please be sure to read the information about our Summer Program.

Completed applications can be scanned and emailed to, dropped off to the Guest Services Department or mailed to:

Guest Services Department
Northwest Community Healthcare
800 W. Central Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005

We will review it based on your interests and availability with our current openings. Please be sure to list if you are volunteering for a school requirement. If there is a match, we will contact you for an interview. We appreciate your understanding that as much as we would like to accommodate all applicants, we are not able to accept everyone. We keep applications on file for one year and review them as positions become available.

The interest interview is an opportunity for us to meet you and learn more about your interests. It is also an opportunity to learn about all the different volunteer opportunities we have so that we can see if we can make a match! It lasts about 20–30 minutes. During the interview, you will rank your preferences on volunteer positions.

After acceptance into the program, you will need to complete the online volunteer orientation.

Once you’ve completed the orientation, you will be required to fulfill all health requirements. These must be completed with your own primary care physician:

  • One-Step TB (tuberculosis) test which should be completed with our Employee Health department.
  • Proof of vaccinations (for those born after 1/31/1957) that includes Varicella (chickenpox), Rubella (German measles), Rubeola (measles), and Mumps or agree to get the listed vaccinations.
  • Proof of influenza (flu) vaccine during the flu season (usually August through March).
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination (full dose)

Once you’ve completed the orientation and health requirements, you will be required to complete a criminal background check. We cover the cost of a background check.

If you are cleared from the background check, you will need to be cleared by Employee & Occupational Health.

Once you have been cleared by Employee & Occupational Health, you will go to Human Resources to get your badge.

After these steps have been taken and you have been cleared to volunteer, the Volunteer Department will work with you to select your assignment and schedule your first day and training. On your first day, you will need to purchase a volunteer uniform, either a smock jacket or polo.