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COVID-19 Update

May 18, 2022

If you have been following COVID numbers in the local media, you will have noticed a steady increase in hospitalizations within the last few weeks. Thank you for continuing to protect your community by remaining conscientious in your use of masks, hand washing and maintaining social distance.

Visitor Policy

Effective May 9, NCH is at the YELLOW visitor policy status. Most inpatient units will be allowed two visitors without swap outs. Some clinical areas will have additional restrictions. All visitors must be aged 18 and older. For more specific information please visit here.

Regardless of vaccination status, all healthcare facility guests must be wearing a surgical mask at all times in all areas. (Available at all guest entrances.)

COVID Therapeutics

NCH continue to utilize Paxlovid as first line therapy for symptomatic patients who are at risk for developing severe COVID symptoms. In addition, NCH is also offering the new monoclonal antibody, Bebtelovimab, as a secondary option for patients who are not candidates for Paxlovid. Please contact your primary care physician for more information.


In line with CDC approvals, NCH is providing COVID-19 vaccinations for everyone aged 5 and up and boosters for those 12 and up.

To schedule a COVID-19 vaccination:

  • If you have a MyChart account, login at and select a date, time and location to schedule your booster dose.
  • Make an appointment directly on our website here.
  • Call 847-618-0242 to schedule an appointment.