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May 10 through 16 is National Hospital Week

May 14, 2020

This year we’d like to introduce a sampling of NCH team members in roles you don’t normally see on the front lines. Without these individuals and their departments, patient care would not be what it is. We are celebrating all the jobs that make a hospital—and healthcare system—whole.

Beverly Mayer, Send-out Lab Technician
23 years at NCH

“This pandemic seems to have brought out so much kindness in people. I have gotten to know staff in the Emergency Department and the nurses on the COVID floor. We all verbalize our appreciation for each other. I am fortunate to have some great coworkers and this has really been a team effort.”

“When I drive into work and see all the thank you signs, it warms my heart and sometimes I get tears in my eyes. The community has been so great in providing meals and letting us know that they sincerely appreciate all of our efforts to manage their healthcare.”

“On a personal note; I have a daughter that lives out of town but sends me cards to remind me that I am in her thoughts all the time. I also have some really great friends and neighbors that have taken care of my yard, and are always there when I need anything. They pick up whatever I need at the grocery store and the kids next door have drawn pictures which I have on my refrigerator. That keeps me smiling!”

Monica Miranda, PFS/Customer Service Supervisor
10 years at NCH

“These are stressful times for everyone worrying about their health and the potential cost associated with receiving unexpected care. Our patients may have more questions now than ever and I am thankful that I’m able to telework and continue providing support as it relates to patient medical bills while frontline staff continue to provide patient care.”  

“Even though this has been a trying time for everyone, my resolve and dedication to assisting our patients in the best way possible remains unwavering. I am focusing on having extra patience and empathy while speaking with them to help alleviate some of the stress that they are currently feeling. The bottom line is that it has not changed how I work. If anything, it has empowered me to do my job even better.”

“I am inspired by the ability of those around me to adapt. I have seen people drive by to wish others a ‘happy birthday’ or just to say ‘hi’ from their vehicles. Even during this time of great trial and tribulation the desire for human connection remains ever present.”  

Nick Duda, Security Officer
Four years at NCH

“The greatest fear I have is what if I could potentially bring COVID-19 home to my family. I know many coworkers who have not been able to see their families at all and that is the most difficult part. Hopefully we can get through this to get back to some normalcy and summer fun.”

“COVID-19 hasn’t changed much about my day-to-day work. No matter what is going on, security will be there when needed. Personally, it has been difficult due to the inability to see my girlfriend, who is a teacher and quarantining with her family.”

“Seeing the thank you signs while driving in, the cards and signs in the Emergency Department and the donated food and cloth masks has been nice to see. [It says a lot about] NCH as truly a community hospital, and the support has been wonderful.”

Rachel Steele, Physical Therapist
Inpatient Physical Rehab Services
Six+ years at NCH

“It’s somewhat like a normal day, caring for those who are sick and taking precautions related to infection control. It is also very different when it comes to the ‘nuts and bolts.’ There are different procedures, different PPE and more concern about the unknown.”

“I am appreciative of the time I have in quarantine with my twin ‘tweens’ who may not have otherwise agreed to hang out with me so much. I am more aware of and dependent on the moral support that my therapy peers (OT, SLP, PT) offer, in the fun times and in times of crisis.”

“I have seen a beautiful sense of TEAMWORK on the floors. People are willing to do jobs that aren’t exactly theirs because it keeps the work moving smoother and tensions lower.” 

I love the drawings and signs from kids in the community. Kyle’s fish on the doors of the employee entrance is my favorite.”

“I get paid to do my job and find it to be rewarding work, but that sort of kindness and thoughtfulness renews my vigor when the weeks of our ‘new normal’ turn into months.” 

Rebekka Flores, PharmD, Epic Willow Application Coordinator
Information Technology, 10 years at NCH

“It takes a village when working in the healthcare setting, especially during a pandemic. The amount of collaboration I’ve experienced among the different areas of NCH to provide care to COVID-19 patients is truly notable. From information technology to pharmacy, nursing, physicians, lab, clinics, nutrition and so many more – we are all in this together.”

“I have been involved in creating electronic protocols for treating COVID-19 patients. Having a direct impact on the care for patients during the pandemic is both humbling and inspiring.”

“Often times, I have relied on social media to keep connected with how NCH is impacting our community. When I see photos and articles about the signs, comments, food donations and other acts of kindness the community shows in appreciation of all the efforts of the NCH staff, it truly means a lot.”

Cyndy Treanor, RRT, RPFT and AACVPR Certified in Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Cardiopulmonary Health and Rehabilitation
33 years at NCH

“As a healthcare worker during the COVID-19 crisis, I have been frightened of the exposure and possibility of infecting my own family as well as heartbroken to see the numbers of cases increasing in our community. The reward is the excitement of being able to help.”

“During COVID-19 the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Department has been closed. Since then I’ve been reassigned to the Supply Donation Team in the Command Center and that opportunity has introduced me to other employees who are kind, dedicated and inspiring.”

“The NCH community has amazed me with its kindness and support, from lunches, coffee, thank you cards on my car windshield, hand lotions and other tokens of appreciation. I’ve been humbled by the generosity of groups from our local schools, churches, businesses and private individuals donating much needed supplies. Kudos to them, not me. I am truly NCH PROUD.”