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NCH Wellness Center offers new youth fitness program

October 14, 2020

Program designed to support tweens and teens during the pandemic

Beginning in November, NCH Wellness Center will offer a new youth fitness program. Developed to benefit young people experiencing restricted activity during the pandemic, young athletes can expect camaraderie and team-building in a safe, supportive and high-energy environment. Coach-to-athlete ratios are optimized for individual instruction and attention. This program will help participants develop speed, strength and agility applicable to sports performance. Children and teens who are not on a formal sports team are welcome.

There will be two sessions, November 9 through December 18 and January 11 through March 19. Times and prices vary.

The program is designed for two specific age groups – ages nine through 12 would be a part of the Rookie program, while the Prep program is for ages 13 through 18. Each group incorporates age-appropriate movements and exercises.

This strength-and-conditioning program includes cardiovascular training through running, rowing and jumping rope; speed and agility training through plyometrics, jumping on boxes, footwork drills and more; core strength and competency in body-weight movements; and strength development, using weight training and other resistance work. Proper movement mechanics will be prioritized to optimize safety and efficiency in the athletes. Emphasis is on overall strength and conditioning for all participants, as opposed to specialized, sport-specific instruction.

All Prep program participants may join the NCH Wellness Center as a full member for $100 during their session dates. If parents of participants in both Rookie and Prep programs are non-members they can work out for free while their child is training – no NCH membership required.

All classes are capped at 12 participants to promote safe social distancing guidelines. All classes will follow safe COVID-19 guidelines.

Private one-on-one swim classes are also available at a discounted rate for participants of the youth Rookie and Prep programs. To register for the swim session add-on, contact Gilda at 847-618-3665 or

All classes and times are located here. To register for Rookie or Prep programs, or if you have any questions, contact the personal training manager, Lauren Checchin at or 847-618-3506.