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How to lose 100 pounds: The right way to your weight loss

June 14, 2017

Losing 100 pounds is no easy feat, but that is exactly what Trent Will, 47, of Arlington Heights did this past year with assistance from the Northwest Community Healthcare (NCH) Wellness Center.

Trent, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 10 years ago, had reached a crossroads in January 2016. His weight of nearly 289 pounds on his 5’7” frame was negatively impacting his health. In addition, his glucose level was high. He had to start taking insulin and other medications to manage his condition.

Complicating matters was the fact Trent also has Prader-Willi syndrome, which among its symptoms, includes the inability to feel hunger and lose weight. Trent’s doctor gave him two choices—start a diet and exercise program to lose weight or consider more extreme options for weight loss.

“When I first met with Trent, I knew he had to change his diet and build his muscular and cardiovascular strength,” says Donna Klosowski, Trent’s NCH Wellness Center trainer. She had him use a food log to track what he ate, and she created a program that included strength training, balance and cardiovascular exercises. “Most of all,” she points out, “I wanted to make it fun.”

Trent rose to the challenge and began training with Donna two times a week. Additionally, he worked out on his own two to three times a week, based on Donna’s direction. She also worked with Trent to help him make healthy choices when he ate outside of his home.

“I feel terrific,” Trent says, crediting Donna for giving him the tools to take back his health. “I have a lot more energy and my joints don’t hurt as much.”

Trent reports his weight is down to 189 pounds, his glucose level has been cut in half, he is off insulin treatment and several other medications doses have been reduced.

Four keys to weight loss

Donna stresses that losing weight is a balancing act and recommends the following tips for success.

  1. Mix it up. Combine resistance training, cardiovascular exercises and stability exercises to create muscle confusion and keep it interesting.
  2. Track your food. If you don’t know what portions look like or you eat on the run, keep a food diary to track what you eat.
  3. Eat slower. Your fullness factor doesn’t take effect for 20 minutes. So, the slower you eat, the less you eat and the fuller you get.
  4. Have fun! Make sure to take at least one day off. Or, do an activity you really enjoy one day each week.

Learn about programs to help you lose or manage weight and improve your overall health at the NCH Wellness Center.

For information about health and spa services available at the NCH Wellness Center, call 847-618-3500.

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